Tuesday, March 8

Temporary Superhero Setback

Update: Donation link is back in service. Phew. Go ahead and donate at will :-)

Breaking news!

DONATION LINK IS NOT WORKING! Amy set up a link to a PayPal account in the mean time.

Will keep you posted about when the donate link is back up.

Don't forget about the block party in China Town tonight:

Campaign Kick Off!
1800 Block Party in China Town
Get ready to rock out in your favorite Superhero costume and hit the events on Nuuanu Street!  We will be looking good and promoting the Superheroes for a Cure Campaign  Meet at O’Tooles at 1800.
Pre-game with a drop in at Amy's Camp Bennett triathlon training clinic. Free (with a $10 donation :-) There will be a special place and time (1630 Ala Moana swim/run and block party for Mardi Gras) to finish in time for the Kick Off! Don't forget your superhero change of clothes! Visit the Camp Bennett website for additional details.

for Amy's Superheroes

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